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Card pipeline groove cutting machine how to prevent bump knife

  •  Date:2019-08-15
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Cassette pipe cutting groove outside writers through note below, we take some precautions:

Cassette outside a, a total of two of beveling machine tool slide.

If cut off and groove need to do at the same time, then no. 1 tool rest is cutting knife is loaded. 2 groove cutter head. Must let 1 advanced knife rest, don't rest 2 advanced knife.

Two, two head height need adjustment, cutting tool, 1 head higher than 2 rest 2 mm

Three, 2 tool slide groove knife to root the no. 1 degrees found at the bottom of the tool post cutting edge, cannot have the steps. Because the cutters have 5 mm wide, if you don't keep up with the bottom of the groove knife, cutting knife is always in a 5 mm groove. So groove knife blade at the time of two ring cutting knife work, must start to keep up with the cutting, and the blade cut to cut off the edge of the knife at the bottom of the steps must not appear. If appear the steps, can produce iron out. Easy card knife knife.

Near the break of four, and processing of stainless steel is a little soft, can't let its sagging don't knife, so easily broken sword. Be sure to get a support

Notice for above points on the knife, there would be no bump card knife basic situation appeared.


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