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What should you pay attention to when using the pipe beveling machine?

  •  Date:2019-05-27
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1. The internal rising pipe beveling machine is not allowed to be used in places with flammable or explosive materials;

2, the internal rising pipe beveling machine motor uses 220V single-phase AC power supply, in order to ensure safety, the power supply or beveling machine should be reliably grounded before starting to use, the power cord can not be pulled;

3. When the inner rising beveling machine is lying on the ground, it is not possible to connect the power supply or turn on the motor power switch. Otherwise, the transmission system of the beveling machine will be damaged after the beveling machine rolls, or the motor will be short-circuited by the foreign matter caused by the motor.

4. The inner rising beveling machine is inserted into the pipe for positioning and expansion adjustment, and then the power is connected. After the groove is finished, the power is removed first, and then other operations are performed to prevent accidents;

5. After the inner rising type beveling machine is positioned on the pipe, there must be enough groove infeed stroke to the groove. When the cutter head is rotated, the knife cannot be fed to the limit to die, otherwise the machine may be damaged.

6, in the groove should always observe whether the expansion mechanism is loose, and use a random wrench to tighten the machine at any time;

7. When cutting the gas cutting pipe or the welded pipe, the hardness of the gas cutting blade or the weld is very high. It should be ground with a grinder to grind the groove again. Otherwise, the knife will be easily broken. If it is serious, the groove machine will be damaged. ;

8. When cutting the thin-walled tube and the uneven surface of the tube, be sure to feed slowly;

9. When the amount of groove feed is too large, the cutter wheel speed will be obviously slowed down. If the motor sound is abnormal, the feed rate should be slowed down or the knife should be retracted quickly. After the speed is stable, work again. If the stall occurs, the power should be turned off quickly to prevent the motor from overheating and damage;

10. During the process of the groove, care should be taken to prevent the metal chips from being sucked into the motor and causing the motor to be broken.

11. During the process of the groove, there is heat in the fuselage (mainly the motor reducer and the first-stage planetary reducer), which is more obvious during the summer groove operation. This is due to the heat generated by the high-speed rotary friction inside the beveling machine. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use. When the working time of the groove is too long, it can be shut down to be naturally cooled before working;

12. The internal up-type beveling machine has high assembly requirements. In particular, the transmission system needs high-precision cooperation. There must be strict technical safeguard measures during assembly. After the user disassembles the machine, our company will not bear any factory responsibility.