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How to safely run pipe beveling machine and flange

  •  Date:2019-05-27
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First, the strength and precision of the cutting tool or the die on the pipe beveling machine, the flange machine must meet the cutting requirements of the material to be cut. If it is not met, it must be promptly reacted with the leader, and the cutting tool should be sharp, and whether the cutting tool is tested by hand The installation is stable and the fastening is reliable. It is the biggest guarantee for safety. In the transmission zone, you should check whether there is a protective cover to prevent the material from splashing and hurting yourself. It is forbidden to disassemble during the operation.

Second, open the pipe beveling machine and the flange machine before the operation, let it idle for a while, and see if there are any abnormal conditions. If there is no case, you can continue working.

Third, the knife row and the tool should be firm and reliable. If the trouble is not reliable, if the problem is unsatisfactory, it will be unimaginable, so be sure to check the solid condition.

Fourth, when working, please don't put your body too close to the material you are cutting, because even if you bring protective gear, there may be accidents. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to directly wipe the iron filings on the groove by hand. If you look at it, it will be uncomfortable and you will endure it. It is a baptism of blood to wipe it with your hands.

Fifth, in addition to the operator, when using the pipe beveling machine, it is forbidden for others to approach, even if it stays for one second, the things that splash out are very easy to hurt people.

In the final step, remember to pull the power out after the operation, and do some routine maintenance work.

How to maintain all kinds of cutting beveling machine, flange machine

First, if there is a hydraulic system in the equipment, it is necessary to carefully clean the filter device to check whether there is oil leakage in the oil circuit, and if so, repair and eliminate it.

Second, the transmission system should be checked very carefully. The drive belt and chain device inside should be considered as the second life of the pipe beveling machine.

Third, check the system board of the whole machine switch. If it is found that there is a short circuit or the welding port is loose, you should contact Walter's maintenance personnel in time and separate the problematic pipe beveling machine and flange machine from the good one. Prevent the operator from taking it by mistake.

Fourth, check whether the bolts of the equipment are fastened. If there is no fastening, you can fix the screwdriver directly. The main components of the pipe beveling machine are divided into three major parts: mechanical structure, system electrical components and transmission parts.

Walter Machinery will continue to share the skills of pipe beveling machine use, flange machine use and maintenance. Whether you use our products or not, it will definitely help you