Pipe Beveling Machine Safety Operation Guide



caveat! In order to avoid accidents caused by foreseeable environmental factors or man-made reasons, users are requested to read and understand the entire content of the operation manual carefully before operating or maintaining the equipment, and to be familiar with the operation of the equipment and its scope of use. Keep the operating instructions tidy and place them in a convenient location for easy access at any time.

This manual is divided into "danger" and "caution" in the safety matters column.

1. Danger: Dangerous conditions may occur due to mishandled cargo, which may lead to death or serious injury.

2. Caution: Dangerous conditions may occur when misoperation occurs, which may lead to moderate or minor injuries, and damage to equipment and items may occur.

In addition, the matters recorded in the notice may cause serious consequences due to different circumstances. The cautions and danger signs recorded in the beginning and in the article are important content, please strictly observe them!

3. The equipment must be operated by a qualified technician who should have received training on how to operate the machine;

4. The equipment can only be used for work that meets the design purpose;

5. Keep the work area clean and tidy, the messy operation site will increase the risk of accidents;

6. Consider the working environment in which you use the device. Please do not expose the device to rain, and do not use the device in an environment of overtime. Keep equipment working in a good environment; Walter beveling machines

7. Do not operate various electrical switches and buttons with wet hands to avoid electric shock!

8. Protect your body from electric shock and avoid contact with related live parts;

9. When the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and safe environment;

10. Wear fitted work clothes. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery.

11. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to approach the rotary cutter head to prevent the moving parts from being involved and causing accidents;

12. During processing, safety glasses and ear protectors must be worn. If the bevel operation is dusty, it is recommended to use a dust mask or dust mask;

13. Abuse of cables is prohibited. Do not use the cable on the device to pull the device or pull the cable to cut off the connection to the power source. The cables should be kept away from heat sources, oil and sharp objects. Check the cables regularly, replace them immediately if damaged, and repair immediately if loose.

14. Regular maintenance of equipment. In order to keep the machine working well, keep the equipment clean. Add lubricating oil and replace parts in accordance with operating procedures; Walter beveling machine

15. Before repairing the equipment or replacing accessories (such as blades), you must ensure that the power plug has been unplugged;

16. Avoid unintentionally turning on the device. When inserting the power plug, do not put your hand on the switch, and ensure that the switch is in the off state;

17. Use a suitable extension cord. When using the device outdoors, only use extension cords specially prepared for outdoor use; Walter beveling machines

18. Focus on operating the equipment. The operator should pay attention to the operation in progress. Do not operate the equipment when you are sick or tired;

Inspect the equipment for damage. Before using the device, check all parts for damage to ensure that the device can perform its intended function. Check the parallelism of the moving parts, the locking pins of the rotating parts, the degree of damage to the parts, and other conditions that may affect the operation of the machine. Damaged parts should be repaired or replaced immediately. Note: If the equipment is damaged, please discard Walter beveling machine

Please use our original spare parts;

Equipment can only be repaired by professionals in accordance with relevant safety standards;

If you are using an electric motor, make sure the input voltage is the same as the voltage on the nameplate;

If you are using an air motor, check the pressure of the compressed air.

Always check the safety pedal provided by the handle and the equipment (only for pneumatic machines);

Ensure the correct operation of the equipment.

Do not modify the key components of this equipment, to avoid danger or reduce performance!

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